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Dr. Hanoch Talmor

Diplomate, American Academy of Pediatrics General,
Holistic and Preventive Medicine
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Raymon Grace will present 2 workshops

Dowsing Workshop: October 26 and 27th 2013.

See detailes below.


Emotional Release Workshop: October 28th, 2013.

for more information on the emotional release workshop

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Raymon Grace



Alternative Self-Healing


Medical Intuition

Finding Your Life Purpose

Spirit Communication



A unique opportunity to experience and study with nationally renowned Dowser, Healer, Intuitive and Teacher.



October 26 & 27, 2013.

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM both days.



Trilogy School

8700 NW 23rd Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32606





How to Register:

Please send a $100 check made to Raymon Grace along with your contact information and send to

Dr. Talmor 4140 nw 27th Lane Suite C Gainesville florida 32606.

You will bring cash to the class $250 per person and get you registration checks back.For information call: 352-377-0015 or email at talmor@msn.com

If you plan to attend without preregistration please let us know.



There are many hotels in Gaiensville.All hotels of I-75 has easy access to the workshop Location.

Grand Best Western is a Hotel you can stay and get $20 discount if you tell them you coming to see me. Usually $79 instead of $99. There are many other cheaper hotels. This one a very nice one.

4200 NW 97th Boulevard, Gainesville, Florida 32606-3742

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Raymon Grace is an internationally known Dowser. He will be offering a seminar on mind-development, healing and self-empowerment techniques in Gainesville.

Raymon has spoken to a variery of groups & organizations in the U.S and Canada. His work is used by those in various healing professionals and to lower crime and violence in schools. His teaching is drawn from over 30 years experience working with people in several countries. His manner of speaking is down to earth and easily understood. He is the author of three books and nine instructional DVD's & CD's. His work with changing the energy of water is used in several countries. Among the subject covered in this seminar are:

  • Reducing Stress
  • Creative More Powerful thoughts
  • Improve Your Business
  • Attracting Prosperity
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Self-Healing
  • Creating a More Positive Home & Workplace Environment
  • Helping Children to Achieve More of their Potential
  • Cause People to Treat You Better
  • Reduce Allergies
  • Improve the Energy of Food and Water
Webiste Addresses: www.raymongrace.us
Newsletter: news@raymongraceprojects.com

I am continuing to work with Raymon's lessons daily. It has greatly affected my life. I treated for my son for employment. He started his new position yesterday at an annual salary of $27,000. Not bad for a 19 year old with no college. I was having chest pains, treated, they are gone. Last Friday I had 9 relatives over for dinner. Our family gatherings usually have bickering, jealousy and silence. I treated for harmony, peace and love to everyone while they were here. It was the most joyful, happy gathering we have ever had at our home. My husband co-signed for our son to purchase a car. It took four hours of negotiations with the finance and insurance company. After all this frustration, I treated at the bank. All issues immediately settled, and my son joyfully drove his car home. These are just a few of the numerous things that are working in my life by working these principles. thank you so much for turning me on to Raymond. Unfortunately I will not be able to come to the April conference. Please hold on to my check as a deposit for the next time Raymond comes to town. I will be there in Spirit. Many blessings, _____________________________________________________________

I received your DVD about a month ago, I put a gallon of water in front of the TV and played the DVD. After you energized the water I put a little of it down my well. Ray I live on the shore of lake Champlain, and all my life all my neighbor's and I have had to put up with bad water in the wells. The rock here is black slate , this gives the water a rotten egg smell, after spending a lot of money on trying to get rid of the smell most of us realized that this was the cost of having a house down by the lake. After I put the energized water down the well, I walked my dog's in the back yard, all I could smell was rotten eggs, as I do when I run the garden hose, I could see what looked like vapors rising up from the ground all over the back yard. I walk my dogs every night and never have I seen anything like that before. Well my wife Frances started to notice a softness in the water when she did the washing, and over the next few week's the smell of rotten egg's became less noticeable. Last week I had a visit from my cousin, that had not been to my house since I put the energized water down the well, he noticed right off no smell, he ran water into his hand and still no smell. Ray you have done for me what no amount of money could do. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are truly a great man with special powers that need to be realized for the better good of the Earth and mankind.


As you know I have suffered from Crohn's Disease (An incurable intestinal disorder) for the past 18 years. About 3 months ago you gave me a bottle of what you call "Energized Programmed Water" and asked me to drink it on a regular basis and just continually replenish it as I use it. This water was" programmed" to treat my Crohn's Disease. About 2 weeks I noticed a marked improvement in my condition and that improved condition has continued for this period of approximately 3 months. I cannot be certain that the improvement is due to your programmed water, but I can honestly say that I haven't made any other changes to which I could give the credit. I am most grateful to you for your concern & efforts to want to improve my health.